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Navios com containers, aguardando no porto

Changing paradigms

Society Awareness Project

Although Brazil has most of its oil production at sea, as well as about 95% of Brazilian foreign trade is carried out by sea, Brazilian society, in general, does not attach importance to the sea for bringing social and economic development to the country.

Considering that the recognition of the importance of the sea by society is fundamental to support the implementation of a public policy, dedicated to the development of activities related to the sea, the need for an active process for such awareness is imperative.

Fachada do prédio das Nações unidas com muitas bandeiras de diferenes países

Lectures and mini courses

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

This Convention is considered an extraordinary landmark of international law, under which all activities at sea must be submitted, as well as the other treaties. However, its uniqueness in terms of concepts and legal regimes is poorly understood, so that several misinterpretations and misconceptions are widespread and cause several damages to the development of activities at sea, the least known environment on the planet.

Muitos peixes de diferentes espécies nadando ao redor de costa de corais

Consulting on sea issues

Maritime Policy and Geopolitics of the Sea

The development provided by activities at sea depends on well-designed public policies, avoiding generic and vague objectives. Also, there is a need for a well understanding of the law of the sea and its geopolitical implications, which advances with the technological and social development.

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